Dr. Laurie Punch and stop the bleed team
Trauma surgeon Laurie Punch, MD, center, has led a St. Louis city-wide effort to teach bleeding-control methods to lessen the impact of gun violence; general surgery resident Erin Andrade, MD, MPH, left, and Washington University School of Medicine student Jane Hayes have teamed up with her for a successful roll out. The effort is one of many that has resulted in better outcomes for the Department of Surgery.

Better outcomes

Community and psychological safety, outcomes research
among avenues leading to optimal health

The Department of Surgery builds on a rich past to bring
contemporary and traditional approaches to a historical goal.

Our Approach

Learn how we improve outcomes in surgical practice, clinical treatment and the community.

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From our chair

“Our surgical divisions address patient safety through multiple realms. One is improving quality through standardizing procedures, creating workflows and achieving needed cost reductions while ensuring patient safety. Creating a psychologically safe environment in the operating room – encouraging each team member to be engaged and speak up when something doesn’t seem right – reduces medical errors. We also achieve better patient outcomes by comparing treatment effectiveness and translating medical and surgical breakthroughs into everyday practice.” Read full letter »