The Department of Surgery gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following donors.

AASLD Foundation

Ms. Patricia Abel

Aesthetic Surgery Education & Research Foundation

Ameren Corporation Charitable Trust

American Foundation for Surgery of the Hand

American Hernia Society Educational Foundation, Inc.

American Society Reconstructive Microsurgery

American Surgical Association Foundation

Dr. Carlos Guerino Arcangeli

Mrs. Carol Robert Armstrong

Association of Academic Surgery Foundation

Dr. Israel Barken

Barrett Brown Foundation

Bhayani Philanthropic Fund

Richard Blath Charitable Fund

Dr. & Mrs. Keith and Tina Brandt

Mr. Stephen F. Brauer, Jr.

Dr. Ross C. Brownson

Dr. David A. Caplin

Dr. Lawrence J. Chase

Children’s Discovery Institute

Children’s Hospital Foundation – St. Louis

Colon Cancer Alliance, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Leo and Jeanne Cremins

Dr. William H. Danforth

Dr. & Mrs. Ronald K. and Karen DeGuerre

Mr. Patrick Delhougne

Dr. E. Gene Deune

Dr. John Stanley Dillon

Mrs. Patricia A. Drew

Mr. Derick L. Driemeyer

Mr. John P. Dubinsky

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. and Mary C. Dunn

Emerson Collective Fund

Dr. & Mrs. Robert Sherburne Figenshau

Mr. John Fluss

Mr. Loretto Flynn

The Foundation for Barnes-Jewish Hospital

The Foundation for Surgical Fellowships

Prof. Donald G. Frank

Mr. Michael H. Freund

Dr. Robert D. Fry

Dr. Keith Harry Fulling

Dr. Dianne Levisohn Garvin

Dr. Todd J. Garvin

The Gateway for Cancer Research

Dr. Deborah Jo Gersell

Dr. David A. Hardy

Mr. & Mrs. John and Karen Harmon

Reverend and Mrs. Paul and Jane Hoffmann

Ms. Christine Hood

Dr. Eugene Hsiao

Dr. Donald V. Huebener

The International Society for Heart and
     Lung Transplantation

Parviz Kamangar Charitable Foundation

Mrs. Raymond Keltner

Dr. Akio Kitahama

Dr. Mitsuo Kitahara

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Klickovich

Dr. & Mrs. Ira J. and Barbara Ann

     Bottchen Kodner

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Ms. Gale Lamar

Mr. Rick Lamar

Ms. Debra A. Lane

Dr. Gilbert Wesley Lee

Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. and Betty K. Little

Dr. & Mrs. Maurice J. Lonsway, Jr.

Mrs. Marilyn Lord

Mr. & Mrs. Timothy S. and

     Margaret B. MacGregor

March of Dimes Foundation

Dr. Mark Victor Mazziotti

Mr. P. Joseph McKee III

Ms. Kathryn Mendenhall

Mid-America Transplant Services

Midland Investment Trust

Midwest Stone Institute

Dr. Arthur Joseph Misischia

Dr. Mony Mohanakumar

Dr. Seymour C. Nash

Mr. & Mrs. Michael N. Newmark

Dr. Charles Gordon Newton, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Patrick S. and Karen O’Brien

Dr. George A. Oliver

Mr. & Mrs. Victor A. and Joyce A. Oltmann

Dr. William Frank Oppat

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Dr. Harper D. Pearse

Ms. Kimberly J. Perry

Ms. Janelle Phillips

New Endowed Professorships

The Plastic Surgery Foundation

Dr. Matthew Porembka

Dr. Richard A. Prinz

Mr & Mrs. Eliot G. and Barbara J. Protsch

Dr. George F. Reinhardt

Dr. Joseph Anthony Reinkemeyer

Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical
Cancer Research

Dr. Michael Rosenbloom

Mr. Robert A. Rosenthal

Mr. & Mrs. Carl and Paula Rough

Mr. & Mrs. Tommy and Karen K. Royce

Marc & Helen Rubenstein Philanthropic Fund

Dr. Kathleen B. Schwarz

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent E. Shaw

Dr. & Mrs. Gregorio A. Sicard

SIS Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Rustin and Pat Snodgrass

Society for Vascular Surgery Foundation

Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons

Society of University Surgeons

Mrs. Joyce B. Spiegel

Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. and Kathryn St. Julian

Standard Machine and Manufacturing Company

Dr. & Mrs. Joseph T. and Susan E. Stepp

Mr. & Mrs. Craig L. and Barbara M. Stiegemeier

Dr. & Mrs. Paul T. and Suzanne Stockmann

Ms. Diane Swearingen

Dr. Wen Hui Tan

Dr. Matthew R. Thom

Dr. Lewis J. Thomas, Jr.

Ms. Helen T. Thurber

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Tindall

Urology Care Foundation

Vascular Cures

Dr. Renata V. Weber

Daniel Kreisel, MD, PhD, a noted physician-scientist and surgical director of the lung transplantation program at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and Barnes-Jewish Hospital, accepts the inaugural G. Alexander Patterson, MD/Mid-America Transplant Endowed Distinguished Chair in Lung Transplantation.

Nicholas Kouchoukos, MD, is the first John M. Shoenberg Emeritus
Chair of Cardiothoracic Surgery, recognizing 44 combined years with
BJC HealthCare and Washington University School of Medicine. He
served as surgeon-in-chief at Jewish Hospital for 12 years and led a
highly respected heart surgery practice at Missouri Baptist Medical
Center after leaving Jewish Hospital.

To Make a Gift

The Department of Surgery welcomes your support. Ways to make a gift include annual unrestricted giving such as membership in the Eliot Society, gifts for education of residents and fellows, support for research and endowment, and planned gifts and bequests. For additional information, please contact the Office of Medical Alumni and Development at (314) 935-9690.