Mission Statement

Clinical – Apply knowledge by having cutting-edge clinical care through the best faculty, staff, medical facilities, instrumentation and techniques in the world.

Research – Discover knowledge by being the top-rated Department of Surgery in the country through extramural research activities that include National Institutes of Health (NIH), non-federal and corporate-supported projects.

Teaching – Impart knowledge by having our teachers provide the best educational experiences possible for our medical students, residents and fellows.

Position Statements

Leadership – The Department of Surgery faculty develops and exercises the skills of leadership in order to serve their professional, clinical and teaching communities. The hallmarks of our leadership include integrity, leadership by example, and advocacy of individuals and teams who work on behalf of our communities.

Behavioral Excellence – The Department of Surgery family holds itself accountable for the professional behaviors of its members. Consistent and effective communication, demonstration of respect for others, self-awareness, self-control and self-correction are expected of all.

Academic Track and Promotion Process – The Department of Surgery values and rewards each faculty member for individual and team achievements. Appointment to and advancement on a specific academic track reflects the expertise and career focus of each individual faculty member. The Department of Surgery fosters consistent mentorship and transparency in the appointment and promotions processes as strategies for professional development.

Education – The Department of Surgery believes that teaching is an essential activity for all faculty members and commits to encouraging, supporting and rewarding teaching excellence. Surgical education is valued as a career focus for those faculty members who advance the science of scholarship and the art of teaching.

Patient Safety and Quality of Care – The Department of Surgery exists to respectfully serve patients. Their outcomes depend on the quality of care we deliver and the safety of our actions and of our environment. The Department of Surgery therefore commits to discovery, implementation, measurement and improvement of quality and safety.

OR Surgical Care and Operations – The Department of Surgery leads surgical care in partnership with Barnes-Jewish Hospital, St. Louis Children’s Hospital and other affiliated institutions. Together, we commit to the development of robust structures and efficient processes that support safe and efficient surgical care by all members of the surgical teams on behalf of our patients and families.